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Finding the Peaceful Moments at Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake is somewhat different from Hemu and Heihu in that it has a massive parking lot next to it and caters to tour groups. That means tour guides with flags and massive groups all wearing the same hat. It also means that things here, from food to accommodations, are extremely expensive. The best advice we Continue Reading »

The Road to the Black Lake

We decided to hike from Hemu to Heihu (the Black Lake). You certainly have the option of taking a horse (as there are many on-call at Hemu). However, this section is particularly breathtaking, and perhaps worth enjoying at a slower pace. For us, the hike took almost 8 hours. That said, we are very slow Continue Reading »

The Wooden Huts of Hemu Village

Our hotel in Buerjin helped us with finding a driver to take us to Jiǎdēngyù (贾登峪). Jiadengyu is the entry point for the hike to Hémù Village (禾木村). Our hike / horse trek would consist of making a triangular loop between Hemu, Heihu, and Kanas Lake. The map below shows the route starting from Jiadengyu: As you Continue Reading »

On the Edge of Xinjiang

On the utmost northernly edge of Xinjiang, bordering Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia, lies the Altay Prefecture (Ālètài Dìqū – 阿勒泰地区), which is home to a bevy of scenic gems. Our exploration of this area brought us to three exceptional sites: Hemu Village (Hémù Cūn – 禾木村), the Black Lake (Hēi hú – 黑湖), and Kanas Lake (Kānàsī Hú – 喀纳斯湖). While these are Continue Reading »