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Road Trippin’ Through Northern Yunnan

China is an extremely easy place to travel. Between high speed trains and cheap flights, the entire country is conveniently accessible at relatively low cost. And while we’ve traveled thousands of miles on the road as well, most of that has come by bus and hired car. So when a local friend with a car Continue Reading »

Taking in all the Jindao Gorgeousness

Walking through Jindao Gorge feels like a rainforest-adventure-hike. You totally forget you’re an hour away from Chongqing’s 12 million people and army of 30 story apartment buildings. The gorge is filled with turquoise and aqua marine colored pools that you literally get to hike over on an artfully integrated walkway that takes you all the Continue Reading »

The Karst Bridges of Wulong

The theme for this mini-post is massive rocks. Located in the Wulong National Geology Park, the Wu Long karsts form a range of massive stone bridges and deep mountain valleys in Wulong county of Chongqing municipality. The Wulong karsts, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also home to the Three Natural Bridges (天生三桥 – Continue Reading »

The Towers of Danba

After about two weeks on the road in central Sichuan, the inevitable finally hit me – a full on case of traveler’s diarrhea. I can’t say we were always careful in what we ate, so the consequences were not surprising. I loaded up on questionable 10 kuai antibiotics (which ended up being very effective, though Continue Reading »

The Grassland Seas of Tagong

As participants in modern society, we rarely get the chance to step completely outside of our world as we know it. However, on rare occasion, we find a place that questions all the assumptions about what we need to live and how we prioritize our lives. The grasslands of Tagong are exactly such a place. Continue Reading »

The Temples of Tagong

Though not particularly profound, our two most enduring impressions of Tagong are how awesome the old people there look and how much Buddhist stuff there is everywhere. Most of those in Tagong’s over 40 population are draped in baggy colorful robes that have a vintage look only achieved by wearing the same garment everyday for years. Continue Reading »

A Peek into Kangding

Kāngdìng (康定) is one of the largest cities in the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan, China. Located at the foot of the Tibetan plateau over 200 kilometers west of Chengdu, Kangding is home to mix a of Han, Tibetan, and Hui minorities. As such, a rich collection of minority cuisine is easily found Continue Reading »