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A Fresh Attempt at Good Old Xi’an

Xi’an is the third most visited city in China after Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, I had great hesitation about doing a Xi’an post, as there is an overabundance of Xi’an information on the web. And do we really need more pictures of the same Terracotta Warriors?  (No, but I’m giving them to you anyway.) Nonetheless, Continue Reading »

The Deadliest Hike in China: A Trek through Huashan

Calling Huashan China’s deadliest hike is admittedly a bit of hyperbole. It’s perhaps fairer to say that Huashan is one of the most dangerous mountains that is easily accessible and frequently visited by tourists. As one of China’s 5 Sacred Mountains, Huashan is a totally tricked out tourist destination. The hike around the mountain’s 4 Continue Reading »