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Xiamen, the City by the Sea

Not all of China’s cities are crowded, dirty, and polluted concreted jungles. Like Kunming in Yunnan and Xining in Qinghai, Xiamen in Fujian Province is a smaller (on China’s scale), quieter, chiller, cleaner, and generally more relaxed city than the more well known mega-cities. Xiamen is home to 2 million coast-loving people. Today, the city Continue Reading »

Gulangyu Island, Home to Pianos and Seafood

Gulangyu is a tiny island off the coast of Xiamen in Fujian province. Just a stone’s throw away from Taiwan, Gulangyu is a quaint maze of alleyways, seafood restaurants, shops, and an eclectic mix of museums. The island’s main claims to fame are its unique history and foreign influence as well as the fact that Continue Reading »