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Chongqing’s Wansheng Stone Forest

China’s most famous stone forest (石林)is located in Yunnan Province about 3 hours outside of Kunming. It’s massive and from what I hear well worth a visit. Chongqing’s stone forest, on the other hand, is virtually unknown. And some locals might tell you it’s not really worth the 3.5 hour drive from the city (没什么好玩儿 Continue Reading »

Chongqing Xpress: Part 4

Everyday for the past year a massive construction project has seized the plot of land where Chongqing’s Jiangbei district used to have a water park. For months it seemed like nothing was happening, as all we could see were holes slowly being dug in the ground by massive drills. However, once the arduous task of installing Continue Reading »

Chongqing Xpress: Part 3

October and November have been wet, cold, and grey. You can count the number of clear days on one hand. Below are some sites on a rare clear-ish day from the areas around the 菜园坝长江大桥. Just behind the Chongqing Railway Station there’s a massive collection of blue roofs. Under them lie of mixture of homes, Continue Reading »

Chongqing Xpress: Part 2

The following images were taken on the southeastern edge of Jiangbei (江北). Jiangbei lies to the north of Jiefangbei(解放碑)across the Jialing Jiang (river 嘉陵江). While Jiefangbei is Chongqing’s central business and shopping district, Jiangbei has long been established as a secondary city center with numerous shopping centers and burgeoning business districts. As Jiangbei expands with Continue Reading »

Chongqing Xpress: Part 1

It’s sometimes difficult to document and reflect upon the city you live in. Because everything is so close to you and simply part of your daily routine, it’s hard to step back and take things in as an objective observer. In an effort to take a more deliberate look at Chongqing, with this post we’ll Continue Reading »

Taking in all the Jindao Gorgeousness

Walking through Jindao Gorge feels like a rainforest-adventure-hike. You totally forget you’re an hour away from Chongqing’s 12 million people and army of 30 story apartment buildings. The gorge is filled with turquoise and aqua marine colored pools that you literally get to hike over on an artfully integrated walkway that takes you all the Continue Reading »

The Karst Bridges of Wulong

The theme for this mini-post is massive rocks. Located in the Wulong National Geology Park, the Wu Long karsts form a range of massive stone bridges and deep mountain valleys in Wulong county of Chongqing municipality. The Wulong karsts, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also home to the Three Natural Bridges (天生三桥 – Continue Reading »