Chongqing Xpress: Part 4

Everyday for the past year a massive construction project has seized the plot of land where Chongqing’s Jiangbei district used to have a water park. For months it seemed like nothing was happening, as all we could see were holes slowly being dug in the ground by massive drills. However, once the arduous task of installing the foundation was done, the site quickly burst to life.

When the wood and steel arrived at the site it looked like someone had dumped an entire skyscraper’s worth of materials onto the ground. Then slowly but surely the pieces got sorted out and a structure began to take shape.

Now like little worker ants, anonymous yellow and red hats scurry around mud and concrete on a seemingly 24/7 schedule. While this isn’t one of those skyscraper-in-90-days stories, the building appears to be buzzing along with measured efficiency.

The people working on this site look like they’re anywhere from 20-50 years old. And while there are definitely more men than women, the women seem to do almost all the same tasks as the men. Actually, all the crane operators are women.

As one who doesn’t understand from a technical perspective much of what is going on at the site, it’s quite fascinating to watch the Erector Set-like structure gradually climb up and up. What’s more, it’s amazing to see such a large structure being built with basically just hammers, saws, welders, and a couple heavy lifting machines. So here’s a tribute to those hard working men and women that we hear every morning, night, and weekend. Thanks for unknowingly sharing your work with us.

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